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About Us

About FFR

Fuzzy Faces Refuge

Fuzzy Faces is a North Carolina 501c3 non-profit that provides a sanctuary for endangered heritage breed farm animals where people of all abilities can interact safely with animals using positive, theraputic experiences that build confidence, engable positive progress, and afford opportunities that may otherwise be unavailble.

We are a PATH International Member Center, offering theraputic riding and rehabilitation focused services for Veterans, their families and others in need of personal growth activiteis and education within our community through our Back in the Saddle program.

A Sanctuary

Fuzzy Faces Refuge (FFR) is a haven for critically endangered livestock and poultry. We promote breeds that are easy to raise and have calm dispositions so that therapeutic opportunities can be experienced both at our location and at yours. If you would like to adopt your very own critically endangered species to raise and enjoy, please let us know!

An Educator

Fuzzy Faces Refuge believes that every person has value and not only the ability to  contribute to society in meaningful ways but a strong desire to do so.  That is  why FFR and our volunteers are strong, sincere educators of inclusion for all  persons.  We are wholehearted advocates for universal design and possess a  core belief that everyone working together can and will create a better world.  Therefore, we are an organization that embraces and provides educational opportunities  for all persons regardless of ability so that we can grow in understanding  and become stronger as a result.

A Safe Place

FFR cooperates with organizations that support the mentally, physically and emotionally disabled in order to promote therapeutic opportunities for this population of children and adults at our farm. We can assist with recommendations for adoption of appropriate animals for therapeutic interaction at home.

A Community Partner

FFR supports our community by partnering with local organizations, participating in local events, and hosting events at our 72 acre farm.  FFR ensures that each individual having contact with our animals is provided with training to ensure success for everyone!

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