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Needed Items:

Cat Food – Dry

Triple Crown Light Horse Supplement

Timothy or Orchard Hay for small animals

Fescue/Tifton 44 Mix Square Hay Bales

Manna Pro Premium Feed for rabbits

Laying pellets for ducks & geese (non-medicated chicken pellets)

Scratch grain for ducks & geese (non-medicated)

Carrots and Apples for rabbits and horses

Greens for rabbits and ducks

Wheat Hay Square Bales $5 each

Alpine shavings for bedding

Rubber Mats for shower stall

Chicken tractor

Manure spreader

Portable livestock sheds

Portable horse containment system

Water troughs

Muck Buckets

Round Pen

Treated Fence Posts

Large bathing tub for small animals

Grooming supplies for large and small animals

Murphys Oil Soap

Mane and Tail Detangle Spray

Fly Spray


Lead ropes


Bareback saddle

English Tack

Full size bumper pull horse trailer

Padding for horse trailer

Utility Wagon for tractor

Trailer to haul equipment & Supplies

Large Dump Style Trailer for dirt/screenings/rock


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