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Fuzzy Faces Programs for Animals

Promote and Protect Critically Endangered Livestock & Poultry

The Fuzzy Faces Team is committed to selecting gentle, critically endangered  livestock and poultry that are in danger of extinction. Several of these are the  Morgan Horse, Saxony Duck, American Chinchilla Rabbit, Holland Chicken, San Clemente Goat, just to name a few. Interaction with farm animals is beneficial and educational for both children and adults who may otherwise have  no opportunity for this type of experience.  Offering opportunities for education,  therapeutic interaction and adoption of these animals will ensure their continued survival while providing lasting memories  and, hopefully, further promotion of their plight.

Provide Training and Care for Therapy Animals

Each animal, whether a rescued, non-critically endangered species or a critically  endangered species, is provided with the best care possible! This includes  learning how to relate to humans whether disabled or not. Proper physical and emotional care is essential for these animals. All animals are well fed,  groomed, vetted, spayed or neutered (if not critically endangered), kept in a clean  environment, trained and loved. Not only by their caretakers  but by the entire  Fuzzy Faces Family!  We make a promise to each one that  they will always be in our network. Any adopted animal must be visited no less than once per year by a  member of the Fuzzy Faces placement team.

Provide Adoption Opportunities

There is nothing more unconditional than the love each of us receives from an animal companion.  Domesticated animals depend on us to meet all of their needs, just like children. Therefore, any animal adopted from Fuzzy Faces Refuge can depend on being loved and cared for properly for the rest of their life. If an adoptive family is no longer able to keep and care for their Fuzzy Faces Refuge friend, then the animal will return to a foster home in the rescue. We owe so much of our happiness to our fuzzy companions that we feel it’s their right to come back to the loving  arms of one of our volunteer foster homes.

Enable Theraputic Interactions with Humans

Animals love interacting with humans!  And, humans love interacting with animals!  What better way to create mutually satisfying experiences than with  meaningful  interactions that build joy for both partners.  Animals just seem to  know when  there is something different about a person.  They are curious and want to help.  They listen without judgement, eagerly await the next job to  do, the next  adventure or the next activity in the company of their human  companion.  Animals  love our attention.  We make their lives complete.

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