Adoption Application

Please read the following statements prior to completing an adoption application:

1) There is a non-refundable application fee of $20.00. You won’t be able to view the application until you pay the fee via Paypal. You don’t need a PayPal account but you do need a credit card in order to apply to adopt an animal from Fuzzy Faces Refuge.

2) We currently only adopt out to a limited area within two hours or less of Clayton, NC. If you are outside of this area, please contact us prior to submitting an application. Your application fee will not be refunded if you apply from outside these areas without prior approval.

3) All canines and felines adopted from or through Fuzzy Faces Refuge will be spayed or neutered and fully vetted. American Chinchilla Rabbits are a critically endangered breed of rabbit and won’t be altered.

4) Adoption fee for canines is $225, felines is $125 and rabbits is $25.


NOTE: Please expect a 1-2 week time frame for complete approval.

Click below to pay the pet adoption fee: