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The Morgan horse is one of the earliest horse breeds developed in the United States.  Tracing back to the foundation sire Figure, later named Justin Morgan after his best-known owner, Morgans served many roles in 19th-century American history, being used as coach horses and for harness racing, as general riding animals, and as cavalry horses during the American Civil War on both sides of the conflict.

Morgans have influenced other major American breeds, including the American Quarter Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse and the Standardbred. During the 19th and 20th centuries, they were exported to other countries, including England, where a Morgan stallion influenced the breeding of the Hackney horse.

In 1907, the US Department of Agriculture established the US Morgan Horse Farm near Middlebury, Vermont for the purpose of perpetuating and improving the Morgan breed; the farm was later transferred to the University of Vermont

The first breed registry was established in 1909, and since then many organizations in the US, Europe and Oceania have developed. There were estimated to be over 175,000 Morgan horses worldwide in 2005.


What Do Morgan Horses Need?

  • Morgans need their feet trimmed every six to eight weeks = $20/month.
  • Morgans need their teeth checked and floated on a yearly basis = $200/year.
  • Morgans need the same yearly vaccinations as big horses in your region = $300/year.
  • Morgans need to be wormed on a regular basis = $5/month.
  • Morgans need a quality hay and some type of grain or pellet with vitamins on a daily basis = $50/month.
  • Morgans need free access to salt = $20/year
  • Morgans need free access to clean, fresh water.
  • Morgans need free access to adequate shelter.
  • Morgans need to be brushed to keep their skin and coats healthy.  Their long winter hair can trap debris and house fungus and parasites. Their feet need to be cleaned at least twice a week to prevent disease = $10/month for supplies
  • Horses are herd animals, they need at least one other equine or livestock friend.

Annual Cost for each Miniature Horse is at least $1,560 if there are no veterinary emergencies, no training, no repairs to pasture fencing or shelter and no equipment to purchase.

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