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We All Need Help Sometimes

One day while volunteering on the farm with his family, a six-year old states, “I need help.  I am not strong enough to do this by myself.”  He was talking about pushing the sprayer on the hose to fill the rabbit’s water bottle.  These innocent words stopped a staffer in her tracks.  She immediately praised him for having the strength to ask because some adults have trouble admitting they need help.  Sometimes, animals need help, but they do not have the ability to ask for that help.  So, it is up to each of us to step in and rescue them.

The Livestock Conservancy ( is a nonprofit established in 1977.  Their mission is to protect over 150 livestock and poultry from becoming extinct.  The Conservancy lists each heritage livestock and poultry breed in categories based on their extinction danger level.  The categories are: Critical, Threatened, Watch, Recovering, and Study.

Fuzzy Faces Refuge (FFR) has the privilege of raising several breeds found on the Livestock Conservancy’s list:

(1) San Clemente Island goats - critical; (2) Saxony ducks - threatened; (3) American Buff Geese - watchlist; (4) American Chinchilla rabbits – threatened; (5) Colonial Spanish Mustang – threatened; and (6) Traditional Morgan – critical.

While these are the most endangered, we have other animals that are rescues in one way or another.  We take pride in contributing to the survival of these animals by rescuing them.  However, nothing gives us more pleasure than seeing these animals rescue some of our human visitors.  The animals help them learn important life lessons.

It is exciting to see the transformation on a person’s face as they learn to trust the animals and most importantly, learn to trust themselves. We joyfully watch as a little one lets go of his fear and hand feed a goat that moments before terrified him.  We celebrate as we observe a person with low self-esteem, and little confidence morph into someone who is confident and self-assured.

As the animals heal the people over the weeks, the people also heal the animals.  It is humbling to observe the difference this healing makes in the lives of both the animals and those who come here to heal.

Until next time…

Warm fuzzies!






New Arrivals



Over the last few months, several new hatchlings appeared on the farm.  We witness new life thriving among the ducks, geese, turtles, frogs, and toads.



In addition to these new lives, we have the blessing of adding a new therapy horse named Lilly to our family.

The normally quiet, peaceful, and laidback farm atmosphere became instantly charged with energy, excitement, curiosity, and vocalizations of welcome in response to Lilly’s arrival. The longtime resident horses exchanged whinnies, and neighs, as if to say, “hello” to our newest family member.  In turn, Lilly is already having a positive impact among those she interacts with daily.  The unconditional love and acceptance given by animals is a lesson we could learn from and emulate in the human world!!! ♥♥♥

There is promise of more new life to come as the goats begin to mate and Mama Duck sits on her nest anxiously awaiting the arrival of her hatchlings.

Stay tuned for more baby news and farm updates!

Warm and fuzzies!

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