Get Involved

Volunteers are essential to our success! Your time, passion and energy are valuable!

You can choose from so many worthy causes to support so why should you choose ours?

  • You can work with horses and meet other equine enthusiasts.
  • You can work with riders and watch their skills and abilities progress.
  • You can give back by providing community service.
  • You can discover new talents and interests.
  • You can be surrounded by and learn to care for unique and endangered heritage breed farm animals.
  • You can celebrate being part of an energetic, cohesive team and offer your gifts in your own special way.

Become A Volunteer!

Step 1: APPLY

Step 2: Volunteer

New Volunteers: Please WAIT to sign up until you receive an email from Fuzzy Faces confirming you have been added to our database as a volunteer. Remember to always wear closed toed, well-fitting shoes when coming to the farm and to bring a pair of gloves in case you need them. 

Experienced Volunteer Opportunities:

Equine Therapy Volunteering

Please only commit to the Equine Therapy Sessions that you are 100% sure that you can attend. Remember, the success of these sessions depends on everyone showing up to help. If something unexpected happens, please let Jennie know as soon as possible.

Click HERE to sign up for Equine Therapy Volunteering

For Equine Therapy Volunteering, each 45 minute session (private or semi-private) is conducted in a large outdoor arena. Trails will be available for students soon. Some sessions may be unmounted and focus on grooming or tack. We group the sessions into six-week blocks with a week off in between. All major holidays are observed. Classes run Monday through Thursday with sessions at 4, 5 and 6 PM.

Animal Care Volunteering

Please sign up for available Animal Care opportunities at least 24 hours in advance.  If you have signed up but are unable to attend, please delete your sign up for that day.

Click HERE to sign up for Morning Animal Care

Morning care is at 9:30 am and evening care is at 4pm, depending on the day of the week.

Click HERE to sign up for Evening Animal Care

Animal Care Volunteers help with feeding, grooming and caring for the animals at the farm. Animal Care activity takes a minimum of one hour for each session and includes removal of animal waste from habitats. 

ALL VOLUNTEERS, please download and print the Fuzzy Faces Refuge & Freedom Steps Volunteer Waiver and Information PDF file by clicking the link below. Please bring this completed form with you when you come to volunteer for the first time. If you are under the age of 18, please bring a parent with you the first time you volunteer with us.

Click HERE to download the FFR Volunteer Waiver and Information Document