Miniature Horse

The Miniature horse is not endangered but they sure are cute! And, they are found all over the world! Our registered, resident miniature horse is nick named Cookie. But, her full registered, fancy name is Cookies and Cream.

Cookie works hard to support the refuge and our therapy programs by being a much smaller, easier to learn on companion for those who may have never been around a horse before. She also gives pony rides to little ones when we have pony parties or events here at the refuge. Everyone loves our little Cookie!

Would you consider sponsoring her? Click here to donate - just $50 per month will either keep Cookie fed or take care of her vetting and farrier needs but you can choose any amount that fits your budget. If you would like to make your donation happen every month, please check the box on the paypal site that says, "Make this a monthly donation"  - thank you so much!

Cookie's Story...

Cookie came to Fuzzy Faces Refuge in 2014 when her handler was unable to continue doing therapy work with her. Both she and her companion horse, Diamond, had been visiting nursing homes in Oxford for the first part of their life.

Cookie loves to eat and struggles with her weight so you will usually see her with a grazing muzzle to slow her down a bit. As with most miniatures, Cookie will eat non-stop and this is dangerous as overweight horses can founder. So, we keep a close eye on Cookie and need help to rid the corral and pasture of acorns in the fall since she loves to eat these but they really aren't good for her.

Her favorite treat is a peppermint but we give these sparingly!


About us...

Miniature horses aren't measured at the highest point of their withers like most horses. But, rather, they are measured from the last hair on their mane and to be considered a mini, they must not be taller than 34 inches.

Not only are they super small and super cute but they are super strong and can pull as much as 3 to 4 times their weight! And, they are frequently used as therapy animals, visiting more that 45,000 people each year. Many people in need of a personal therapy animal have chosen the miniature horse for that role!

They are also long lived and some have lived to be over 50 years old!

What do Minature Horses need...

Farrier – Minis need their feet trimmed every six to eight weeks = $20/month.
Dental – Minis need their teeth checked and floated on a yearly basis = $200/year.
Vet – Minis need yearly vaccinations = $300/year.
Worming – Minis need to be wormed on a regular basis = $5/month.
Feed – Minis need a quality hay and some type of grain or pellet with vitamins on a daily basis but be careful because they will eat way too much = $50/month.
Salt – Minis need free access to salt = $20/year
Water – Minis need free access to clean, fresh water.
Shelter – Minis need free access to adequate shelter.
Grooming – Minis need to be brushed to keep their skin and coats healthy.  Their long winter hair can trap debris and house fungus and parasites. Their feet need to be cleaned at least twice a week to prevent disease = $10/month for supplies
Companionship – Minis are herd animals, they need at least one other equine or livestock friend.