Horses for Heroes Program - "Freedom Fridays"

First Responders, Local Heroes and Veterans can learn and experience:

  • Introduction to the horse and safety.
  • Various aspects of horsemanship - Grooming/Tacking/Physical Care.
  • Groundwork:
    • Using aids to walk both on and off a lead line.
    • Using aids to turn, halt or back up.
    • Building a relationship for 'liberty work'
    • Leading a horse through various patterns and obstacles
  • Basic centered riding (if desired)
  • Engaging the horse as a team member and establishing trust, respect and boundaries
  • Volunteer opportunities at the Refuge
  • Volunteer opportunities with/for fellow comrades or clients with special needs
  • Forming new friendships that enhance quality of life

Registration Details: Prior to enrolling in our program, an evaluation will be scheduled by the instructor. This will help determine the appropriate session and participant need. This program is provided free of charge to those who have served others.

Our program is open year round (major holidays observed and closed during inclement weather). Sessions are every six weeks with one week off. Depending on available space, a new participant can be accepted into the program at any time for the remainder of a session block. Participants are assigned to a weekly 45 minute session held on Friday evenings at either 4 or 5 PM. Be sure to check our calendar for updated information.

  • All sessions are taught by a PATH Int'l Certified Instructor who has completed the Horses for Heroes course.
  • Participants in this program must be either active duty or a Veteran of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Police Dept, Fire Dept, or Emergency Medical Personnel.
  • Participants should wear long pants and shoes with a low heel for comfort and safety.
  • All forms must be completed prior to participating in our programs.

For more information or to contact Jennie via private message, please visit our Facebook page at:

We look forward to helping create a ‘step towards freedom!’

Please download the following forms to be completed prior to program acceptance:

Participant Registration & Release

Health History/Physician's Statement

Participant Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment

Policy Disclosure Document

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