Therapeutic Riding is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Improves strength, coordination, balance, joint mobility, flexibility, gross and fine motor skills.
  • Enhances cognitive functioning: memory, cause and effect, and sensory issues.
  • Improves emotional well-being, self-esteem and confidence.
  • Allows rider to work on social skills, sharing, following directions, social cues, patience, and communication.
  • Provides education, knowledge, vocabulary, sequencing, colors, shapes and numbers.

Registration Details: Prior to enrolling in our program, an evaluation will be scheduled by the instructor. This will help determine the appropriate class placement, horse/pony goals/objectives and the number of volunteers necessary to assist during the lesson.

Our program is open year round (major holidays observed and closed during inclement weather). Sessions are every six weeks with one week off. Depending on available space, a new student can be accepted into the program at any time for the remainder of a session block. Students are assigned to a weekly 45 minute class held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings at 4, 5 or 6 PM. Be sure to check our calendar for updated information.

*All lessons are taught by a PATH Int'l Certified Instructor.

*Riders must be 3 years of age or older.

*Riders should wear long pants and shoes with a low heel for comfort and safety.

*All forms must be completed prior to participating in our programs.

For more information or to contact Jennie via private message, please visit our Facebook page at:

We look forward to helping create a ‘step towards freedom!’

Please download the following forms to be completed prior to program acceptance:

Rider Registration & Release

Health History/Physician's Statement

Rider Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment

Jennie and Baby

Jennifer Hill

PATH Int'l Certified Instructor

Program Director at Freedom Steps Equine Services

Jennie's love for horses began at a very early age and has continued over the past 35 years.

Jennie graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Business. But, after several years, she discovered that her heart wasn't really in that industry. Jennie became PATH Certified in 2005 and opened a non-profit therapeutic riding program in New Jersey where she and her husband had relocated from California. Baby, with the addition of two other therapy horses, allowed for this 501c3 community service organization to grow and prosper for 12 years.

Jennie and her family have now relocated to North Carolina where a new chapter begins! And, FFR is blessed and excited to have her lead our programs for those with challenges, whether Veterans with PTSD or Civilians with special needs.

You can follow Jennie, the team and our therapeutic equine activities at: 

Freedom Steps Equine Services FaceBook Page

Jennie recently completed PATH Int'ls Equine Services for Heroes Certification and has more than a decade of therapeutic riding experience.




George Dennis

Founder and Barn Manager

George stays on the property and manages the Barn. From the age of 5, George has loved horses, dogs, cats and farm animals in general. He spent his teenage years helping his uncle with theri cattle farm. Now, as the Barn Manager, George makes it his mission to care for the animals at Fuzzy Faces Refuge and ensure that their habitat is clean and safe.

George takes pride in creating an environment where Veterans, First Responders and people of all abilities can learn about critically endangered heritage breeds, interact with the animals safely and enjoy the benefits that a serene farm setting can provide, including Animal and Equine Assisted Therapies and Therapeutic Riding.

George feeds and maintains the habitats for all the animals. If you would like to learn how to help with this, please sign up to volunteer!




Saddlebred Resident

Jackson is a former show horse and dressage horse. His owner, Tina Batchelor, has been kind enough to allow us to use Jackson in the Freedom Steps Program. He is intelligent, sweet and wants to please. If you would like to sponsor or donate for Jackson, please click here



To Learn More About Morgans

Click Libbie's Name

Libbie is 1/4 critically endangered Lippett Morgan. She is a former show horse and was graciously donated to our program by Byron Childress of Virginia. She is a real sweetheart! Libbie eats a special soft diet as her teeth aren't very good. If you would like to sponsor or donate for Libbie, please click here.

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