Our Mission

To provide a sanctuary for endangered heritage breed farm animals where people of all abilities can interact safely with them using positive, therapeutic experiences that build confidence, enable positive progress and afford opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable.

To offer therapeutic equine activities for Veterans, First Responders, their families and others who have sustained psychological and/or physical wounds in service to others by restoring a sense of self, quality of life and hope.


Who We Are

Fuzzy Faces Refuge (FFR) is an all volunteer 501c3 North Carolina nonprofit organization that is enhancing the lives of people and animals through programs that benefit both.

As part of our education and conservancy effort, we offer therapeutic experiences with critically endangered heritage livestock breeds. We are also home to the Freedom Steps Equine Services for Heroes program, providing therapeutic riding and equine interaction activities to Veterans, First Responders, Community Heroes and their families. 

The beautiful, private farm setting includes areas for individuals and their families to engage in therapeutic activities and learn horsemanship. All visits are by appointment only to ensure your best experience and privacy.


We are a PATH International Member Center, offering therapeutic riding and rehabilitation focused services for Veterans, their families and others with special challenges who may be in need of personal growth activities and education within our community through our Freedom Steps Equine Services program.

We are a proud partner with Animal Assisted Therapy of the Triangle (AATT). For anyone who is struggling with difficult or painful life issues, searching for life balance, managing stress or wanting to increase strengths and happiness, Your therapist (human and animal) can help guide you to a stronger you!

A Sanctuary

Fuzzy Faces Refuge (FFR) is a haven for critically endangered livestock and poultry. We promote breeds that are easy to raise and have calm dispositions so that therapeutic opportunities can be experienced both at our location and at yours. If you would like to adopt your very own critically endangered species to raise and enjoy, please let us know!

An Educator
A Safe Place
A Community Partner