FFR provides a sanctuary where humans and endangered heritage breed farm animals can interact safely, by using therapeutic experiences that build confidence and enable positive progress. We provide these opportunities through our ever expanding programs for Special Needs Children and Adults, Veterans, First Responders, as well as Local Heroes and their Families.

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A Therapeutic Center...

Our Freedom Steps program provides equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) to children, adults, veterans and first responders who struggle with physical, emotional or cognitive challenges by promoting personal growth, enabling rewarding experiences, enhancing quality of life, and instilling a sense of self, hope, and freedom. 

A Sanctuary

Fuzzy Faces Refuge (FFR) is a safe haven for critically endangered livestock and poultry. We promote breeds that are simple to raise with calm dispositions so that therapeutic opportunities can be experienced on our property. If you would like to adopt your very own critically endangered species to raise and enjoy, please let us know!

An Education Center

We believe that every person has value and not only the ability to contribute to society in meaningful ways but a strong desire to do so. We are an organization that embraces and provides educational opportunities for all persons regardless of ability so that we can grow in understanding and become stronger as a result.

A Safe Place

Our organization partners with other community groups that support individuals who have experienced spiritual, physical, mental or emotional challenges.

We provide therapeutic opportunities for children and adults with a primary focus on Veterans, First Responders, as well as Local Heroes and their families.

A Community Partner

FFR supports the community by partnering with local like-minded organizations, participating in local events, and hosting private events at our 70-acre farm.

As a veteran founded organization, we have a huge heart for helping Veterans and Local First Responder disciplines. This includes offering additional free programs that they can utilize at Fuzzy Faces Refuge. Learn more here.

In addition, we offer partnership with Healing Connections Counseling Services for mental health sessions here at the Refuge. Please contact Stacy Huff, MS, LMFT today about having counseling sessions at the Refuge each week for therapeutic, healing activities.

All visits are by appointment only to ensure your best experience and privacy.
All Psychotherapy sessions much be booked through your therapist who coordinates with Fuzzy Faces Refuge. Thank You!