Fuzzy Faces Refuge is a 501c3 North Carolina Charity - All gifts are tax deductible as determined by the IRS

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Give In Kind List

Below are donation recommendations that are commonly needed at the Refuge. Please contact us to schedule a drop-off time, or you can mail smaller items to PO BOX 601 Clayton, NC 27528.

Hand Sanitizer

Large Bottles, Any Brand


Any Brand

Apple Cider Vinegar

Any Brand

Paper Towels

Any Brand

Hand Soap

Pump/Liquid, Any Brand


Fly Spray

For Horses, Any Brand


Diatomaceous Earth

Food Grade, Any Brand


Facility Sanitizing Supplies

Buckets, Scrub Brushes, Sponges, Etc.

Large 50lb Bales of Wheat Straw

Used For Bedding, Available at Hudson's Hardware

Large 50lb Bales of Coastal Burmuda Hay

For Feeding Goats, Available at Hudson's Hardware

Chia Seeds

For Horses, Any Brand

Oyster Shell

For Chickens, Any Brand

Apples & Carrots

For Horses & Goats, Any Brand

Raw Pumpkin Seeds

For Goats, Raw Only, Any Brand

Dried Corn Kernals

For Geese, Ducks, & Chickens; Dried Only; Any Brand

Cat Food

Dried, Any Brand

Cat Food

For Our Feral Cats, Dried (Not Wet), Any Brand

Gift Cards

To : Hudsons, Tractor Supply, and Agrisupply

Additional Ways To Give

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Financial Aid Sponsorship

Some of our clients are in need of financial aid for Equine-Facilitated Therapies. It is our goal that one day, we will have enough donors that every person who needs these programs will be able to be a part of them, at no cost. Until that day, we are focusing on meeting the needs of those who would otherwise not be able to use our services without financial aid funding. Please consider giving a one time donation or monthly donation to go towards this fund so that we are able to serve more of our community!

Ready to be a Financial Aid Sponsor?
Please contact us for details.