Bonnie Dennis

Bonnie Dennis
Founder, Board Of Directors, Treasurer, & Veteran

Bonnie is an Army Veteran. Being the daugher of a Vietnam war vet, she grew up living all over the country as well as in Germany. But, her favorite permanent "home" was with her Grandparents in South Carolina. She enjoyed helping on their farm and caring for the animals!

Bonnie conducts the animal care training and educates others on the need to preserve our heritage livestock breeds.

Jennie Hill2

Jennie Hill
Program Director for Freedom Steps, PATH Int'l CTRI

A graduate of Florida State University, Jennie became PATH Certified in 2005 and opened a non-profit therapeutic riding program in New Jersey that she ran for 12 years, before coming here to North Carolina. She has over 35 blessed years of horse experience and is so grateful to her soul-horse, "Baby" and others for this incredible journey! Jennie has completed the PATH Int'l Horses for Heroes certification and is working towards her ESMHL (Equine Specialist in Mental Health & Learning) designation.

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones, MBA, MA, NCC, LCPA, AAT
Animal Assisted Therapy of The Triangle

Sarah is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associate and partner at Animal Assisted Therapy of the Triangle. She works with her various dog co-therapists, as well as with horses and farm animals at FFR, bringing a unique approach to her work with adolescents, adults and couples. Sarah's counseling approach is person-centered, holistic, and focused on mindfulness. She develops a genuine relationship with clients, providing a safe environment that enables the collaborative exploration of areas the client wishes to address. Her specialty areas include: stressful life/career transitions, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and PTSD.

George Dennis

George Dennis
Founder, Board Of Directors, & Barn Management

George's love for animals has only grown since the age of 5, he spent his teenage years helping his uncle with their cattle farm. Now, as the Barn Manager, George makes it his mission to care for the animals at Fuzzy Faces Refuge by ensuring that their habitats are clean and safe.

George takes pride in creating an environment where Veterans, First Responders and people of all abilities can learn about critically endangered heritage breeds, interact with the animals safely and enjoy the benefits that a serene farm setting can provide, including Animal and Equine Assisted Therapies and Therapeutic Riding.

Sarah Buffaloe

Sarah Buffaloe
Board Of Directors & Director Of Animal Care

Sarah has a life long passion for animals and helping others. She was born and raised in Garner, NC, growing up on the Dorothea Dix Hospital campus where her parents worked. Sarah served as guardian for her cousin, who suffered from mental illness, affording her a deep understanding of the challenges that mental health issues can present. This understanding has strengthened her desire to help those who suffer from these type of issues.

Married to Allen Buffaloe and mother to their two beautiful twins, Ashlyn and A.J., Sarah still makes time to volunteer! She has selflessly donated her time and talent to many schools and non-profits over the years. FFR is fortunate to count her as part of our Fuzzy Faces Family!



Connie Bryant, MBA
Board Of Directors & Marketing

Connie grew up in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa and loves to travel all over the world. She is married to a United States Army Veteran and the mother of two beautiful children. She has found her passion in helping the Veterans within our community!

Connie is an accomplished leader with an extensive track record of building global teams to deliver value across cultural and geographic boundaries. Her extensive background in marketing, business strategy, and operations are invaluable to the success of Fuzzy Faces Refuge.



JoAnn Janke
Board Of Directors & Fundraising

JoAnn has a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Business Management. While her current "day job" is as a Business Liaison Consultant for a national bank/mortgage lender, she has also worked with Horses on and off for 40 years. She has lived in Clayton for over 6 years and loves the improvements she has seen in the community during that time. She started as a volunteer at Fuzzy Faces in July 2018. Handling morning feeding and chores every Sunday and coming out to help the Freedom Steps Program 1-2 nights a week. She loves being able to combine her passion for animals and her business skills to contribute to the growth and success of FFR.



Dr Christina Strayer,
Animal Assisted Therapy of The Triangle

Christina is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Animal Assisted-Therapist, specializing in a variety of Integrative Therapies to assist clients with their needs. Christina's approach is client-centered and Holistic. She combines her study of the power of the Human and Animal Bond in healing with proven counseling techniques. Christina works with clients in both a clinical and natural farm environment, partnering with animals to enhance and complement positive therapeutic outcomes. She also conducts groups and workshops on various topics at Fuzzy Faces Refuge throughout the year!

Jennifer K

Jennifer Kehrer
Board Of Directors, Marketing, & Fundraising

Jennifer brings creativity, positivity and leadership to the Fuzzy Faces Refuge team. Jen grew up traveling the world courtesy of the United States Navy and in that experience developed a keen sense of understanding and commitment to her fellows. She has a Bachelor of Science in Communication Technology, with concentration in Design. She has over 15 years of civic service experience, homesteading activity, art and workshop instruction, fundraising and event management, environmental sustainability and more. She is a member of the NC Extension Master Gardeners, as well as several arts councils around the Triangle area. Jennifer has a passion for inspiring others to find the creative force within, harnessing the power of expression for the benefit of self-balance and goodwill.


Arianna Pflederer

Arianna Pflederer
Digital Designer, Marketing, & Fundraising

Arianna is a mom of three, who has molded her career around Digital Content Creation. Her platform consists of sharing helpful advice and tips for fellow mom's and parents looking to live a more simplified and intentional life. She also speaks openly to her audience about her PTSD and the importance of mental health wellness. She hopes she can help make mental health conversations a normal and encouraged part of societal communication, particularly amongst mothers such as herself.

Arianna serves on the marketing and fundraising committee, and takes care of web design, social media posts, and photography for Fuzzy Faces Refuge.

No Picture Team

Dr Harriett L Enzor, Ph.D,

Founder, Board Of Directors

Dr. Enzor received her Masters and Ph.D. in Counseling and Development with a concentration in psychology and child development from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Currently, Dr. Enzor is an Associate Professor Emeritus at Campbell University after 27 years of teaching and coordinating the counselor education program. She is also an Assistant Professor in the School of Osteopathic Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, Campbell University.

No Picture Team

Richard Hendrix
Board Of Directors, Legal Advisor, & Veteran

Richard is a Viet Nam Veteran and military dog handler. During his time in the Air Force he was certified with Patrol, Water, Narcotics and Bomb detection. After the Air Force, Richard trained and handled bloodhounds for the North Carolina Department of Corrections, assisting various law enforcement agencies with tracking. Richard is certified in Reality Therapy and graduated from Carolina Law School in 1996, after medically retiring from the Sheriff's Department. Richard is now retired from the PBA where he represented law enforcement and corrections personnel.

Richard loves dogs, especially German Shepherds, and has volunteered with several German Shepherd non-profits.